Tuesday, May 19, 2009




Welcome to the land of the foreign rip-off! You have heard of the bloated Bollywood (Indian Cinema) copies, but have you suffered through some incredible low budget Turkish monstrosities? RAMPAGE is a film that is stiffly acted, has dull direction, and doesn’t have an original bone in its body. Then why watch it? Well, for the mind boggling straight faced goofiness that’s one display: The cheapest rocket launcher around, unconvincing wall breaking, the marble visage of our literally invincible hero (KNIVES CAN’T CUIT HIM!) It’s not quite as crazy as Turkish Star Wars (Even though it shares the same director) but it does have enough standout scenes to make it a memorable evening in copyright free land. The gang at Dark Maze Cinema (http://www.darkmaze.com/) for picking up this piece of trash cinema and giving it a release it never deserved. Due to copyright issues (The use of Jerry Goldsmith’s score in the original track) they’ve had to re-dub every single line, write their own music and re-create the sound design. The choice of playing it relatively straight and not going the KUNG POW root is admirable, because the film is so silly it really speaks for itself. The epic score and the professionally polished action movie sound effects (The highlight being the rocket launcher of cour) add extra points to the films humor. The DVD comes with a helpful commentary from the founder of Dark Maze and the Sound Designer/Composer and a nice little 20 minute documentary about the film and Turkish cinema in general.

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